The Growing World Water Crisis

hqdefaultWe have a World Water Crisis-Did you know that Wired Science reports that, “By 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in countries with “absolute water scarcity,” according to a report released this year by the United Nations Environment Program .Did you know that there is a World Water Crisis? There are hundreds of organizations now working around the World to resolve this problem.

Did you know that the health of a river affects the vitality of a region?

INBO AND UNESCO will meet in Istanbul in March 2009 to discuss the topic of the World Water Forum “In many countries, the seriousness of the situation requires the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated and consistent management of water resources, ecosystems, and territories.

You will find out what Desalination is and how it’s being used in the World today. NASA has created a robot called DEPTHX that can go into regions of water that is inaccessible to man. They plan to explore Antarctica and it’s lakes to see if they can find Microbes and use the water for man.

Why is there drought in TEXAS USA?

world-water-crisis1I cannot believe that Texas is suffering from drought. What’s with the Haarp machine the US has up in Antarctica? If it’s able to produce weather, why can’t they create rain clouds and stop the droughts?

I think I know why but I won’t say.. you do the math.

Less people on earth = more resources for those left.



Terrance Medina
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